I have been recently studying for the LEED exam and I was looking at as many different sources to get familar with the material.  A colleague referred me to LEED Visual.  Its a great site for learning more about LEED NC.  The creators of the site took the time to graphically represent all of the LEED points.  For those that are studying, the site synthesizes the information about LEED NC credits into a understandable -diagrammatic format.  The site allows  for the reader to quickly understand the basic overview of each credit and its requirements, strategies, standards, and submitting processes.  I highly recommend that you take the time to review the site.

A great deal of the studying requires you to memorize the credits; the connection of images with the credits makes it easier to remember them, at least I found this to be helpful.   The site is not about replacing the study guides that USGBC offers, but rather a support system.  I have posted some more screen shots for your review.


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