Tour de France chalkbot

Developed by Deeplocal and StandardRobot, Chalkbot is a key element in Nike’s LIVESTRONG campaign for the 2009 Tour de France. via deeplocal

It would of been nice to see the whole device pulled as a chariot w/ a fleet of bikes from the front.

You can find more images and info below.

Supporters in the U.S. and France can text inspirational messages for bicyclists that will be printed in yellow chalk by Chalkbot on the roads of the Tour de France.

DeepLocal and StandardRobot worked with Nike’s agency, W+K, to design and develop the pneumatic robot and software system. The system includes a text message interface, web based queue and approval system for tour officials, onboard machine and nozzle control, spray mechanism, camera and GPS capture system, and Twitter integration.

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