Limited Edition

Limited Edition is the new phenomenon in furniture design. The demand for unique pieces is steadily increasing. With prototypes, one-offs and limited product lines, designers are making furniture objects outside of, and parallel to, the industrial manufacturing system. Furniture prototypes have always been an element of the industrial design process, but now they are being brought from the workshops and presented to the public as embodiments of one of the most exciting creative fields of our age.

In the global village with its standardized commodities, exclusive one-offs with an artisanal flavor are turning into coveted objects. The limited furniture series so manage to satisfy the collector’s appetite with objects where the boundary between furniture and art dissolve.

Limited Edition follows this new direction in furniture design and uncovers its background in meticulous investigative essays based on the author’s ongoing interviews with key designers, gallerists, auctioneers and manufacturers. With a rich selection of images it presents the very best from this new area as well as new and behind the scenes images from some of its leading protagonists. via Birkhäuser Basel


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