Arndt Menke : Holzweg

Wood frame bikes have long given way to aluminum and space age materials but designer Arndt Menke thinks we were too hasty in giving up on one of the strongest, resilient, and lightweight natural materials. The Holzweg bike’s frame is totally made of wood and weighs 5lbs, heavy for an elite frame, but light for wood–and has seat stays designed for strength that also provide shock absorption. via designboom


Titel: Holzweg
für: Diplom UdK-Berlin
Jahr: 2008
Betreuung: Prof. A.Heine, Prof. H.Neumann, Dipl.Des. F.Steinert
Sponsoren: FIXIE Inc., Schwalbe, Sram, tune
Fotos: Dipl.Des. A.Velten
Thema: Holz als moderner Faserwerkstoff.
Entwicklung eines neuartigen Rohrmaterials aus Holzfaserlagen.
Entwicklung eines neuartigen Dämpfungsystems aus Eschelagen.


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