Jorge Ayala: Paris Agenda

It is my pleasure to introduce you new studio works by Jorge Ayala in Paris. These beautiful works exhibit possibility of performance landscape architecture. Here is a description of the project from Jorge Ayala himself.

Jorge Ayala StudioParis Agenda

Paris and its suburbs represent a working population of 5.5 million people. More than 11 million inhabitants are distributed within 12,000 square kilometers, out of those, 2 million people live within 105 square kilometers.

Political subdivision of the ground, topographic conditions, cultural interaction, social problems and a constantly increasing unprivileged population limit the transformation of Paris into a 21st century major city, requiring urgent solutions.

Jorge Ayala Academic Studio aims to reformulate existing fabrics and future projects that the Parisian suburbia and metropolitan area are engaged with. Based on the Greater Paris urban development Project, the studio proposes systems of organization seeking to find methods and techniques mediating with large scale strategies.

The central ambition of the studio agenda is driven by a continuous dissatisfaction with the current architectural trends suggesting sentiments rather than architecture and over-proposing an architecture materialised by several cosmetic tangible manipulations such as green alleys, blue skies, etc.

These students’ proposals belong to an exploration of spatial configurations suggesting several levels of engagement with existing conditions: rainfall flows, ground conditions and residual landscape, among others. Through a catalogue of hypothetical scenarios of spatial organisation of the grounds, proposals seek to solve ground conflicts via new urban typologies.

© Ayala Studio ESA Archives

Jorge Ayala currently teaches at the Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris.

Label: Architecture, Urbanism, Landscape

Credits: Ayala Studio Archives



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