The Aero Filter

The Aero Filter by Darren Chan
Westminster University School of Architecture
Tutors Andrei Martin, Andrew Yau

Looking into future development trends and issues related to high density within the city, the project explores architectural solutions that focus on dealing with air pollution and the lack of sustainable energy.  The proposal is a design for a sustainable skyscraper cluster that has integrated vertical wind-turbine technologies and parametric systems inspired from the “dandelion”.  The building form, components and structure incorporates many techniques that maximize wind reception efficiency, performing like a mega-scale air-purification system for London.

The “Green Filter”.

Aerodynamic form: dictated by pflow simulations on digital site models using maxscript coupled with wind map data.

Natural air purification: The spiraling structure consists of many occupied “pods” which house the various functions, residents and “vertical sprawl” green spaces; the wind is promoted up through strategic openings and through these.

Artificial: The external surface of the pods have titanium dioxide (TX active) integrated; attracting impurities in the air, and after a natural and safe chemical reaction, self cleans through natural pass of rain.

Sustainability: Each tower utilizes a parametric skin of vertical wind-turbine arrays; these run more silently (ideal for urban use), and are capable of receiving wind from 360 degrees. These turbines help generate clean energy for the cluster.

An early conceptual model illustrating the parametric skin of the outer structure, made up of vertical wind turbine module arrays.

A three dimensional, three floor section, extract of one of the towers; showing the breakdown of the main structural aspects.

A three dimensional, human perspective, conceptual view; focusing on the residential region, and in particular, the internal spacial connections.

A visualization of the final proposal within context, giving insight into slightly exaggerated imaginations of the “polluted” and “filtered” city.

text and images via Darren Chan

More info on the project can be found in the following publications:

  • Winner of the 1st Prize for the MAKE Architects Award 2007 for Architectural Excellence and Sustainability (Final Year Postgraduate Level)
  • evolo arch housing competition 2007, which the project was shortlisted for;
  • evolo competition book Purchase ->

You can find more info on Darren Chan on his personal webpage


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