Digitally fabricated models by Jorge Ayala

On his one-year research in the Pearl River Delta, South of China, Jorge Ayala proposed a digitally fabricated city.

This material exploration index the spatial configuration suggesting levels of engagement among existing tissues, such as topography, spatial orientation, rain flows, extreme flood scenarios, wind, soil condition and residual spaces in situ. With these 3D physical models the urban can be connected to local, regional and global scales and understood in terms of its performative potential.

Jorge currently leads a design and modelling workshops with the AALU students. The aim of this workshop is to acquire an instrumental deployment of these tools and create a feedback loop between the digital and the physical that will overcome the traditional bi-dimensional reading of the city.

The AA Landscape Urbanism Unit projects in China this year new material interventions that operate within an urbanism conceived as social, material, ecological and continually modulated by the spatial and temporal forces in which it is networked.

© Jorge Ayala


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