Miya Ando: Metal Artist to Create Installation for Meditation Center

Text from the artist:

(Los Angeles, California)

A historic building in East Hollywood is now home to the Dharma Punx. On the corner of Melrose and Berendo, nestled among small restaurants, bakeries and shops, the Against The Stream Buddhist Meditation Society has opened a new Meditation Center.

Noah Levine’s (author of Dharma Punx and Against The Stream) community based, non profit organization the Against The Stream Buddhist Meditation Society has come to one of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods in the city. Dedicated to making the teachings of the Buddha available to all, the Meditation Center offers classes that do not require registration and forgo fees for a donate-as-you-can policy.

Raw and airy, their new location opened to the pubic earlier this year. Keeping in tune with the organization’s mission, minimalist artist Miya Ando has been commissioned to help create a non-denominational meditative environment.

About the Artwork:

California/ New York based artist Miya Ando has been creating works on steel canvases for the past eleven years. Utilizing a technique honed over the past decade, Ando is able to tint, polish, refine and ultimately create layered depth into a flat metal plane.

Representing physical, emotional and spiritual landscapes, the elements of Ando’s compositions are akin to the Meditation Center’s. A practicing Buddhist herself, Ando’s art is both meditative and a tribute to honoring, respecting and nourishing.

Ando’s commission for Against The Stream Buddhist Meditation Society consists of a grid of four steel square canvases measuring four feet each. The configuration is a metaphor for the Dharma Wheel and the 8-fold path. The surface of the squares’ metal material reflects this special organization’s powerful, sincere and inspiring integrity. The art focuses on the pure intentions of its setting.

A benefit for The Meditation Center is planned in conjunction with completion of their art commission in early 2009 where pieces donated by Ando will be available.

About the Artist:

“My reasons for working with steel are multifold: since the first time I started to work with the medium, I felt a deep appreciation for the dynamic properties of the material. It simultaneously conveys strength and permanence and yet in the same instant appears delicate, fragile, luminous, soft, ethereal. I view the steel as a platform and foundation which supports the aesthetics of the abstract concepts I have been investigating. The medium becomes both a contradiction and juxtaposition for expressing notions of evanescence, including ideas such as the transitory and ephemeral nature of all things, quietude and the underlying impermanence of everything.” – miya ando, 2008

About Against The Stream Buddhist Meditation Society:

“Our intention is simple- To make the teachings of the Buddha available to all who are interested. We wish only to create and sustain communities of healthy, accountable wise and compassionate people from every walk of life. We are pro-diversity and welcome all people from all racial, economic, sexual, social and political back grounds and preferences. We believe that the path of awakening is attainable by all and should be available to all.” – Against The Stream Buddhist Meditation Society, 2008 (excerpt from full text at: http://www.againstthestream.org)

About the Meditation Center:

“One of our main intentions in opening the Center is to foster a sense of community and to provide a gathering place for like-minded individuals to meditate, to learn, to share and to have fun. The three jewels of Buddhism are Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. We now have a physical location for our Sangha to grow…” – Against The Stream Buddhist Meditation Society, 2008 (excerpt from full text at: http://www.againstthestream.org)

For more information:

Leah Stuhltrager
Project Manager
Miya Ando Studio


Miya Ando


Curriculum Vitae


Meditation Room, large-scale piece, The Healing Place Homeless Shelter & Rehabilitation Center for Women & Children, Louisville, Kentucky 2009
Meditation Center, 4 piece installation of 8’ x 8’ square, Dharma Punx/ Against The Stream Buddhist Meditation Society, Los Angeles, CA 2008
Wellness Room, 144 piece, 5’x5’ installation of 4” x 4” squares, St. John’s Bread & Life, NY, NY 2008

Selected Solo Exhibitions

Quietude, Argazzi Art Gallery, Lakeview, CT 2009
Meditative Fields, Michael Ingbar Gallery, New York, NY, 2009
Next Post: Solo Exhibitions Project, Rupert Ravens Contemporary, Newark NJ, 2009
Vanishing Point of Departures, Anne Reed Gallery, Sun Valley, Idaho, 2008
Revelation and Reflection, Solo Exhibition, Bandini Art Gallery, Culver City, CA 2008
Introspective Environments, Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art Museum, Staten Island, NY 2008
Edith Caldwell Gallery, Sausalito, CA 2007
Miya Ando Stanoff Exhibition, Galerie Sho, Tokyo, Japan 2006

Photo By Element

Selected Group Exhibitions

Cipriani Club Exhibition and Panel Discussion, Nascent Art New York, NY 2009
Scope Art New York, Dam Stultragher Gallery, New York, 2009
W Hotel, White Gallery Times Square New York, 2008
Out of the Blue Exhibition, Attleboro Arts Museum, MA 2008
Places and Manners of Worship, Museum of Byzantine Culture, Greece, 2008
Theme of Compassion Juried Group Show, ArtXchange Gallery, Seattle WA, 2008
Exhibition to run concurrently with a gathering featuring His Holiness  the Dalai Lama of Tibet
Lack of Desire Juried Group Show, Brooklyn Arts Council, Brooklyn New York, 2008
Duopolis Group Show, Chandra Cerrito Contemporary, Oakland CA, 2007
Distilled Moments: 2 Person Show, 111 Minna Gallery,  San Francisco 2007
New Wave Contemporary Artists Exhibition, Galerie Sho, Tokyo 2007
Homo Bellicus, A Geneology of War, Berlin, Germany 2007
Director’s Selection, Edith Caldwell Gallery, Sausalito, CA 2007
Coast East, Art Gotham, New York, NY 2006
The 69th Regiment Armory, Art (212), New York, NY 2006
2 Person Show, Jeremy Morgan & Miya Ando: Concourse Gallery/Blue Tangerine, San Francisco, CA 2006
New Visions Juried:  Introductions 2006, Pro Arts Gallery, Oakland, CA 2006
2-d-2, Juried Exhibition, Energy Gallery, Toronto, Canada 2006
Engineered Constructs Juried 3-person show: SJ Works, San Jose, CA 2006
Visions RED: Group Show, Art Gotham, New York, NY 2005
Abstraction: Group Show, Gallery 402, New York, NY 2005
Transitory Environments 2 Person Show, Roshambo, Healdsburg, CA 2005
A Common Thread: Group Show, Soho Myriad, Atlanta, GA 2005
San Francisco International Art Exposition, Graystone Gallery, CA 2005
A World of Influence Redux Group Show, Urbis Artium Gallery, San Francisco, CA 2005
2 Person Show, Auto3321 Gallery, Oakland CA 2005
Re-Emergence Group Show, Red Ink, San Francisco, CA 2005
Minimalism in 2 Mediums: Michelle O’Connor Gallery, San Francisco, CA 2004
Artspan Juried Show, Embarcadero Center Gallery, San Francisco, CA 2004
Emerging Artists, Lift Gallery, San Francisco, CA 2002
Apature, Kearny Street Gallery, San Francisco, CA 1999

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Selected Publications

“Art For Food Pantry”, New York Daily News, September 22, 2009
“Miya Ando x Indigo Youth Movement”, Shelly Lee Jones, Huck Magazine, Oct 2009
“Kickstarting Creative Projects”, An Xiao, Art 21, September, 2009
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Selected Collections

Collection of Daitoku-ji former Head Priest, Japan
Edward Bronfman Private Collection, NY
Fogcreek Software, New York, NY
Michele Clement Studio, San Francisco CA
Diablo Publications/Rivera Private Collection, Sun Valley
Fine Design Group, San Francisco,  CA
The Emerald Fund, San Francisco, CA
Jonathan Rose Companies, New York, NY
Wachtel Private Collection, Berkeley, CA
Iron Stone Real Estate Group, Philadelphia, PA
Denka Seiken Corporation, Campbell, CA & Japan
MKD Architecture Firm, San Francisco, CA
Altair Advisors LLC, Chicago, IL
Arcanum Architects, San Francisco CA
Steve Lopez Private Collection, San Francisco, C
Galman Group Collection, Philadelphia PA
Candace Barnes Private Collection, San Francisco CA
Pierre Roset, Ligne Roset Collection, Briord France
Met-A Architecture Firm, San Francisco CA
Dominic Pangborn Design Studio, DetroitMI
Goldman Architects, San Francisco CA
Paramount Pictures, Los Angeles, CA
Dresdner Kleinwort Wassestein, Tokyo Japan
Brewer-Clifton Winery, Lompoc, CA
AHStudio, San Francisco,CA

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Selected Awards

Winner, Best Emerging Artist Award, Glaad Out Auction, New York 2007
Jury Prize Honorable Mention, Nascent Art, New York, NY 2007
Phi Beta Kappa, University of California, Berkeley 1996


Yale University, New Haven, CT,  Masters Degree program East Asian Studies, incomplete
Apprentice to Master Metal Smith, Hattori Studio, Okayama, Japan, 1999
UC Berkeley, CA, East Asian Studies 1996, BS degree, Magna Cum Laude

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