The architectural design community is faced with a shift in focus from an object-centric model of design creating aesthetic objects in fields to propose, instead, valid and relevant solutions to complex problems within complex systems. In this, traditional boundaries of ownership, ego and control need to be examined as does the flow of, and access to, elements of the design process. The issue is how to adjust an old model of project methodology which is not structured to support a systems-based approach. Based on philosophical foundations which have been developed precisely to address these issues, the SYNCH Research Group (synchRG), Lawrence Technological University, has initiated a project focused on a theoretical organizational system of research which addressed the idea of systems, curatorship, invited experts, open source standards and focused crowd-sourcing as a core operational structure. Small, isolated design challenges have been posted on the synchRG group homepage, openRG and will eventually add up to a larger project that James Stevens, Assistant Professor, Lawrence Technological University will be curating with fellow synchRG colleagues. Please take a moment to find the group on facebook, join, and take on a challenge. This will allow me to test the system. The hope, one day, is that openRG will take on a life of its own and build a public open source knowledge base. It is important to note that any designs you produce, no matter how small, you will receive credit. This is significant for many of you as it will be published. Feel free to forward this to others that may be interested, it is open to everyone. via Shawn Calvin
Jim Stevens, M.Arch. Assistant Professor College of Architecture and Design Lawrence Technological University
21000 West Ten Mile Road Southfield, MI 48075-1058
SYNCH Research Group [synchRG]


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