biothing is working on an algorithmic articulation of the interface between the material behaviors and computational instruments in an attempt to engage with complexity. Computational patterns are understood as deep in terms of their potential to produce expressions at various scales. At the core of the work is an accumulative library of scripts and methods for their transcoding, networked with constraints of materials, structure, esthetics, fabrication and assembly. Evolving algorithmic infrastructure allows a designer to work at the scale of information linked to various forms of materialization. Not unlike a genetic engineer, the designer writes code sequences in the generation of immaterial forms of intelligence, which are than linked to specific constraints within different scales of social and material production. In ‘Bifid’ for instance, the emergent behavior of the material system is a composite of algorithmically derived intersections between the components as well as a variety of fabrication and material constraints. Beyond the combinatory evaluations biothing is engaging into less-deterministic process of design search _ interlacing constellations of constraints as a positive input for computational infrastructure. Deep algorithmic sequencing is frequently initiated by scripting the series of temporal scales within generative procedures _ from simpler and more linear sequences of nested/interfering oscillators (for instance sine and cosine functions whose frequencies are parametrically variable) to a more sophisticated pulses of high agent populations within object oriented programming. Temporal infrastructure is micro-wired to populations of transformative agents that are than breathing life into a subsequent series of cells… Within this accumulative ecology of relations, design becomes a mode of composure (and less a composition) _ search of coherent behaviors out of a texture of collective constitution. Highly affective outcomes and the use of algorithmic scripting as the primary generative mode are frequently inseparable. Additionally scripting toolsets acts as a kind of connective tissue between traditionally separate fields of expertise. biothing’s parallel processes are always done in collaboration with specialists from other fields of expertise like mathematicians, programmers, theorists, structural engineers and software developers to name a few…

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