Multi-Pede Chair

Multi-Pede Chair designed by Francis Bitonti of FADarch is an adjustable chair with no mechanical parts; the chair is designed around an Electroactive Shape Memory Polymer core. Plug the chair into a standard electrical outlet and watch its material properties transform from solid to elastic, stretch, twist and push your chair into a new configuration. Unplug and watch your new design solidify.
Any configuration is possible; the chair has hundreds of legs that cover its entire body. The legs change material, lengthen, shorten and change their section as they change orientation, at times they are legs and at other times they are seats. We have not designed a chair but hundreds of pieces of a chair. The material is infinitely reconfigurable; we can not rely on one sitting surface or one leg so we must create hundreds.

SMP experiment 01 from Francis Anthony Design on Vimeo.

You can see more work from FADarch at the following link>>>


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