foaming water

Liminal Luminosity

Construct a 3-dimensional study to show how light facilitates, defines, or bridges a point of transition.

Liminal (lim‘i nel):
1. of or at the limen, or threshold
at a boundary or transitional point between two conditions

“The challenge is to interpret and express the theme in the form of an abstract lighting composition, constructed of your choice of materials.  Your exploration should consider spatial, psychological, physiological, and temporal realms.”

How do you show transition of light? Furthermore, how does light relates itself to space? In the realm of architecture many often ask themselves about this question. People experience and feel space, yet it is not something tangible.

Our initial approach for this project was to establish the transition from one light source to the other. At the same time, in order to reflect the current global crisis on limited resources we decided to challenge ourselves by only using recycled materials. With constrain such as accessibility, time, and quantity  we decided to use the bottom of Poland Spring water bottle as module. To further enhance “spatial quality” we realize it is necessary to extend experience by using foam blanket. The material itself also behaves enhance and blur the ambient of light. The aggregation of bottles will further manipulate the light effects as well as providing a different experience as one passes.

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